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the battle of rorkes drift it reminds me of stoke on Trent

lt gonville bromhead 
the battle of Rorkes drift also known as the defense of  Rorkes drift lead by lieutenant john chard of the royal engineers immediately followed\ the British defeat at the battle of isandlwana on 22 January 1879 and continued into the following day 23 January 150 British and colonial troops successfully defended the garrison against an intense assault by 3,000 - 4,000 Zulu warriors these warriors came close to defeating this small unit of troops  rorkes drift known as kwajim (jimsland )  in the Zulu language it was a mission station and former trading post of James rorke 


once the British found out that they faced such a large force of native Zulu warriors they made preparations to defend the station with the garrison some 400 men working quickly to construct a defensive perimeter near completion chard posted the force around the perimeter plus adding some of the abled patients from the hospital ward arming them with rifles posted at points along side the biscuit box barricade the Zulus consisted of  men from 3 different forces udloko uthulwana indlondo amabutho regiments at the end of battle the British lost 14 dead 2 others mortally wounded and 8 more seriously wounded the Zulu lost around the amount of 351 bodies were counted and at least 500 wounded and captured the amount of ammunition used was 20,000 rounds only 900 remained at the end of battle now these troops fought with gallantry and they stood there ground like true British men and these men received the Victoria cross for what they did

Awarded the Victoria Cross:[49]
In 1879 there was no provision for the posthumous granting of the Victoria Cross, and so it could not be awarded to anyone who had died in performing an act of bravery. In light of this, an unofficial 'twelfth VC' may be added to those listed: Private Joseph Williams, B Coy, 2nd/24th Foot, who was killed during the fight in the hospital and for whom it was mentioned in despatches that "had he lived he would have been recommended for the Victoria Cross"

now i see it as we in Stoke on Trent  bnp are faced in much the same situation surrounded by labour party  and its ethnic  voters we as these troops who fought in this battle will not give in  we will carry on fighting in the same gallant way we  will stand our ground and we will defend whats is our land and  our country

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