Sunday, 10 June 2012

a absolute brilliant day in Blackpool

a very wet day in Blackpool turned out to be a brilliant day for all nationalists of all different groups and a successful one at that we the nationalist bared what was a really wet day so that we could get Charlene downes and the other girls that have being touched and murdered  by these vile disgusting pedophiles justice now i no that not every Muslim is the same but the ones that are doing this should be dealt with not just the Muslims ones but any pedophile whether they are white black Asian Muslim should face hanging plus any person or organisation that sympathies with these people ( hate no hope-uaf )lets face it its not just happening to white girls its happening to Sikh black white and the political establishment allow this to happen and nothing gets done  but if it was a Muslim girl my god there would be investigations compensation you name they would get it it would be in every newspaper on every channel on TV all we have to do is look at the Stephen Lawrence case on that there's our proof  but one thing hes was black not white that's the difference but the fight will go on and we will be victorious and we   will get justice above is the leaflet from the demo

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