Friday, 15 July 2011

Truth about where our meat comes from

just a quick text now after reading this i was quite astonished now shouldn't we be supporting our own farmers but like normal like everything else we are getting our meat from abroad now when will this EU dictorship stop we have no jobs with yet more people being made unemployed and now we face our farms going under now Poland where we are getting our pork from is keeping these poor animals in disgusting conditions not even up to British standards and yet our supermarkets are selling this meat to local areas the pens these animals are living in are the size of 10 yards be 5 yards pens  and you will find at least 40 pigs living in them at any one time these pens are in a disgusting condition they don't even have straw to rest in just a metal based floor now we are even bringing our eggs in from Poland you we have our own farms and its about time this goverment got us out of the EU and started building our own country back up  by means of our industry's farms our health system we seriously need change in this country because at the end of the day we are slowly losing our traditions and values we once had a thriving farming community where's it all gone i ask

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