Sunday, 10 July 2011

Islamic extremists

The reason i am writing this is because in the star today there was a article sharia law hits the UK now these Muslims are going around put leaflets on telegraph poles lamp post stating that we the British are entering a sharia controlled zone now im not saying its all Muslim but the Muslims that are involved should be arrested for inciting racial tensions  now who the hell are these people to dictate to us what we can and cant do in our country  now what are the goverment going to do about this because if this was the likes of the bnp-edl-efp we would be arrested for inciting racial tension but nothing seems to get done about these people now i can tell you at first hand who will be backing these people the likes of nut hope not hate uaf unison lab/lib/cons you no people fought and died for our once great nation and this isn't what they died for they died so we could have freedom but this isn't having freedom this is dictatorship its time people stood up against these people and send a clear message we do not want your laws in this country if you want to live here you dont suppress us with your laws you  abide by our laws and rules
This is the actual leaflet

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