Thursday, 23 May 2013

woolwich murder

now where do I start with this I guess what happened in Woolwich last night will be yet again swept under the carpet by the elite again labour will have an excuse just like our local labour councillors the bbc are already spewing there vile tripe saying it as nothing do with Islam well yes it as now not all Muslims are the same but this yet again proves that there are some that would love us all to bow down to Islam  anjem choudary/ abul amza /baki are all hate preachers now people ask me why I joined the only party that will rid lib/con/lab creation and am I a racist well ill tell you the reason I joined the bnp was to rid this country of people like this and to get rid of traitors like labour conservatives lib dems ukip now im no racist because I don't see people any different to my self at the end of the day we are all human beings but people who seek to do harm to my people they are not human now I suppose labour will come out with there normal spew it was a isolated incident what a load of balomie now tell us milaband or any of the traitors out there that its a religion of peace mine and my colleagues thoughts go  out to the young mans family at this time deep sympathies

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