Wednesday, 15 August 2012

graffiti found in park

on a fishing trip to a local pond i came upon this graffiti.Its funny really as it happens to be in a enriched multicultural area in Stoke on Trent. And i always thought the likes of labours little moron puppets the paedophile supporting uaf -and full of hate no hope terrorists lead by the one and only  Nicholas Lloyd Lowles who as friends who are terrorists   During the 1990s, Lowles was involved with the self-styled Anti-Fascist Action. The Red Action part of this, which Lowles was close to, carried out the 1993 Harrods terrorist attack; a bombing linked to the PIRA in which four people were injured. Lowles' co-members, Patrick Hayes and Jan Taylor were convicted for the terrorist attack )  which hes kept well under the carpet and does not tell his members of his vile hatred organisation full of hate no hope  not so squeaky clean now are they i always thought ethnics and foreigners didn't  do this kind of thing i thought they integrated with us well lowles and weymouth  Bennett lead us to believe this now don't they   anyway back to the graffiti which was found in hanley park now to me if it had of being a bnp/edl member putting this on walls oh god it would of being front page and all over there moronic pages like full of hate no hope labour would of being crying there hatred hearts and stamping there communist feet  about it  

these are the steps it was found on 

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