Saturday, 28 July 2012

total intimidation by the gestapo police

we had a brilliant leafleting session today we have put at least 700 put out up high lane and the top of smallthorne but then we were stopped and told to stop by a pcso because has he put it we were causing hatred racial which i put him right racial hatred which isn't true what had happened is that a comfortable liberal leftie reported us but one question to these lefties what would happen if it was your kids that had suffered at the hands of these vile creature plus Islam is not a race its is a dictatorship just like Hitler and his agendas now we are seeing a new form of third Reich ( Islam )  and these police pcsos are falling right into there hands playing there part but i say it now this will NOT stop me this scare mongering will not work and i will carry on putting our people first unlike the labour party who have allowed this to happen these labour mps meps councillor will be brought to justice just like these vile creature named paedophiles no matter how long it takes i will get justice along with my party for the likes of Charlene downes Paige chivers and all the unnamed girls that have suffered under this tyranny and there Muslim paedophiles  the leaflet above was the one we got stopped for and i find it despicable and insulting to get this where are the police when  these girls need them NOWHERE

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