Sunday, 22 July 2012

more antisocial behavior in central forest park

anti social behavior is happening in forest park as i walked on i was approach by a lad in is mid 30s and told there had being alcoholics and druggies night fishing so i decided  to check it out for my self  and there it was empty drink cans foil for drugs and this was happening at 330 am this morning and to had to this these vile thugs were driving around on a stolen motor cycle which they then dumped into the lake along with a tent  now i find this disgusting that the local councilor and the water authority is not acting on checking  licences and pcsos are not patrolling these areas  and having these people is it not enough that we the tax payers are giving these vile thugs £46 pounds per day to feed there habits the person who had is bike stolen as received it back but he will now have to have it repaired which will come out of his pocket

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