Friday, 29 June 2012

a despicable Marxist event

 the halal method 
just like to bring you the labour Islam event in stoke on Trent this will now prove we the bnp have being right for so long this proves without a doubt that labour are doing what they do best its happen in Birmingham and London and now in my home city of stoke on Trent one of my colleagues wards has being leafleted with this vile unjust leaflet  as the labour Muslim council are trying to educate the people on the demonic religion of Islam now what kind of religion would allow stoning  people beheading of  people  slaughtering of  animals by means of slitting the poor defenseless animals throat (halal) child sex grooming the list goes on and now we have it here in stoke what next is this labour held council going do heres the event advertisement taken from the local paper

the one above is pinned to a wall and the small sign is tied to a lamp post i wonder how much this Muslim labour held council as payed  for these oh sorry they haven't payed we have the soft tax payers i personally witness the lord mayor of stoke on Trent and several labour councilors going to this event  now this should tell the people of this once great city something that the labour party is now the Muslim run labour party and that they will do what ever these Muslims want

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