Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Stephen Lawrence and charlene downes

now what can i say all we have heard on the news and in the newspapers is  the murder of Stephen Lawrence now I don't agree with murder of any kind and i fully sympathise with his parents there  is another case that needs investigating the case of the 13 yrs old girl Charlene downes  murdered by the Muslims now apparently there as being no body found but the police have evidence that two Muslim men were heard bragging that they had cut her up and put her in kebabs( on tape ) they got compensated because they were upset i ask what about this poor girls family are they not upset there little girls being murder and these Muslim criminals get compensated  now if they can investigate the case of Stephen Lawrence after 18 years why cant they reopen the case with this poor  girl now i for one would like to no what happened to this girl and see the men that carried out this evil crime brought to justice if it can happen to the case of Stephen Lawrence then it can happen with this poor girl and it would be appreciated to see our government get involved and solve this once and for all and bring these know criminal to justice

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