Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yet again we see criminals getting away with a crimes

not so long a go a group of 8 swans were killed down the nature reserve down ford green road smallthorne the people were   arrested and it as being taken to court but all charges have being dropped why what the papers reporting is one of the witnesses as refused to give evidence and with him being a juvenile cannot be forced  something smells fishy here doesn't seem right as the witness being threatened i wonder and the local resident association chair man Mr paul reed as given a statement and its questionable because hes said it would of being good  if someone had of being procectuted but they probably got a fine anyway whys that Mr reed because the sitting council is labour and he doesn't repersent the people of smallthorne its time we had change around smallthorne because to many people are getting away with crimes just like you are bringing druggies and alcoholics  onto the estate and making the estate look like a shit hole

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