Saturday, 10 December 2011

smallthorne alcoholics and druggies doing damages

I would like to pull your attention to a incident that's happened in the local laundry in smallthorne I find this deeply disgusting because the laundry is there for people to use that have not got means of a washer or a dryer but these druggies or alcoholics find it acceptable to go and do damages to people property that the owners are trying make a living through the incident is the damage of the drinks machine now people have got to do with out means of a  hot drink now because of these people and it if the government dont give these people enough money to live of or to feed there habits they can go around doing this
1 alcoholics get in the region of £20 per day plus disability plus if they got kids child tax credits plus child benefit
2 druggies  same as above
now the kids deserve there money but why should a tax payer have to pay tax for these people to feed there habits
now i have taken photos of the damaged drinks machine which was broken into and all the contents remove i.e money even the drinks were taken its outrageous the level these individuals will stoop too all to get money to buy there drink or drugs

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