Wednesday, 30 November 2011

how dare they

Ive just picked up on a article and to tell you the truth it disgusted me how our so called government can pick on the vulnerable it amazes me when this con/lab government have allowed millions of foreigners into the country some have never done a single days work in there life  ( anjem choudary is one that I can mention) this conservative /labour government has come out with the disabled are scroungers how dare they lets look at what mps are paid what do they do for this money do actually do anything ( NO) so who are the real scroungers here Cameron -milaband

Govt labelling disabled 'scroungers'

Govt labelling disabled 'scroungers'
The Government is reponsible for stories "knocking disabled people", Labour's Shadow Welfare Minister has claimed.

Writing for PoliticsHome, Anne McGuire said: "The feeding to the media of press releases and distortion of figures, and the calling into question whether people really are disabled is causing real harm."

She also accused ministers and their advisers of "creating an atmosphere that is causing fear and uncertainty in the lives of disabled people up and down the country".

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