Friday, 30 September 2011

another successful leafleting campaign underway

Today stoke bnp started the smallthorne campaign to out line the antisocial behaviour on smallthorne i bared the flue to leaflet to show my residents that no matter what i am there to support them and to  if they need to sort any issues out that the smallthorne action group will assist them were as the residents associations along with the sitting labour councillor dont want to no so if you want to join onto the action group please ring 07926532922 or


  1. with reference to your Dog snatchers article, it appears to me that if you didn't leave your dog tethered to railings outside of shops then you may avoid this problem and, in fact perhaps the dog would be better off with an owner that would not leave it in public places unattended

  2. what a cheek I have being brought up with animals and if it wasn't for low life's and druggies going around stealing anything they can get there hands perhaps these people should concentrate on getting jobs on by the way he wasn't left unattended he was in the view of the shop window under CCTV