Friday, 5 August 2011

Labour Party lie again

The labour party made a election promise to keep a well used gym open(will field bentilee)In there election promise now they have closed it a high labour count in the council chambers as out voted a independent bench with 2 labour councillors voting against the closer.I think this is a trick to trick the general public into thinking labour actually cares about them i think not now lets get down to what's happening in my local area smallthorne now one of the problems around here is the fact that the younger generation as no where to play as they  have no parks in the local surrounding area now i intend to campaign on this now we have plenty of space around here to put 2 parks one at the top of smallthorne one at the bottom now the local councillor would probably say well we have ford green hall and the nature reserve ive being down there quite recently and its a mess over grown smelly i wouldn't let my little girl play around there plus both the residents association's are being run by the over 55 so the younger generation don't get to use them neither ive had this from another local resident to the area she turned around and said its not just the kids that are left aside its the under 55 now i always thought that residents association community nights  were for everyone not just for labour voters in this case i think not( nothing against elderly people) but the community centres are for all the residents not just one section of people   the next issue that is a rising issue is residents are doing there own repairs and a old gentleman as approached me and told me he as being painting some of is local pensioners bungle lows and he also told me about is fascia and sofit he said its that rotten he put is finger right through it now to me if you pay your council tax you are entitled to your repairs done now so much for labour supporting there local community and giving a honest and trustworthy representation the next 4 yrs are going be quite interesting  to say the least

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