Tuesday, 28 June 2011

unemployment crb checks

The reason i am writing this is because recently ive had a interview for a care/support agency and ive had to have a crb check done (criminal bureau check ) now i went up the job centre and asked if i could have my funding for this and got told (NO) so i questioned it and got told due to the change in NATIONAL policy the goverment as stopped funding for this now i thought Cameron in one of his election promises was that he would help people get back into work his statement was its not what the country can do for you its what you can do for the country and my election pledge is if you are willing to go out and find employment that i will make it our duty to help you by means of funding to find work now we no this is a blatant lie we are now under a labour held council why are they not intervening in this ( they are all the same as one another - lib/con/lab all bare faced liers )

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