Sunday, 26 February 2012

What a load of lies lib/con/lab hate no hope of with there lies again

the woman that's making the claims is a vile lier now ive meet nick he is a pleasant guy and lets put it this way there is no way that the story ever happened she lying  through her back teeth and she also taking the papers for right mugs feeding them crap basically  as i will put up a comment she as said about Eddie butler now i cant stand the English DEMS but no bloke should be subject to these  vile lies she runs a model agency going by this picture it will be a air fix model agency now nick a family man and to tell you the truth hes got kids why would he jeopardise this for a woman like this its not true at all anyone that believes this honestly you need  a rain check hes the comment 

Claudia Dalgleish
Yes, and they also want to do a story on Eddy Butler and the English Democrats lol. As you are aware, I have been seeing Eddy Butler lol, not because of his good looks 'bald head' and 'bad breath' that don't really do it for me, but because I can make another 5,000 grand from the story. Easy money.

plus shes a escort 

  • please click continue at the main page she known as hot Hanna  or if this isn't her she has removed her profile  that should  show what she really is trying to hide 

BNP leader Nick Griffin is a sex pest who exposed himself to a former glamour model in her car, it was claimed today.
Claudia Dalgleish alleged that the far right leader bombarded her with text messages full of crude sexual innuendos during a campaign of harassment.
The 40-year-old said that Mr Griffin flashed at her after they ate a takeaway together in her vehicle.
Claudia - also known as Claudia Bryan - told the Daily Star Sunday that the married father-of-four pulled his trousers down after they finished the meal.
She got out of her Jeep to throw away the rubbish to find the leader had partially undressed himself.
'I came back and found Nick Griffin with his... trousers down by his knees. I was shocked and asked him what he was doing,' she said.
'I was disgusted. He was excited. I ordered him out of the car. He is a sex pest.'
Claudia and Mr Griffin were parked in a car park in Swanley, Kent, after she crossed the English Channel to fetch him from France when he was involved in a car crash.
Nick Griffin, who has a wife called Jackie, has portrayed himself as a family man in a bid to clean up his party's reputation.

Ms Dalgleish got to know the BNP leader as she was dating BNP member Steve Squire.
She claimed that the Mr Griffin, 52, also sent her a series of sexually explicit text messages.
Claudia, who now runs a model agency, wrote on her blog that the BNP leader sent her a message which said: 'Do you know the French side of the tunnel? And be aware that it’s very hot over here so you don’t need to wear very much.'
In another crude message, he allegedly said: 'That’s a given. As is checking that your legs feel as silky as they look.'
She said on the same day, he wrote in response to a straight-forward request: 'There goes the dominatrix side again. No need to insist, though on this occasion I will do as ordered. And only stop if told to.'
Ms Dalgleish claimed her boyfriend Steve Squire knew what was going on but urged her to spend time with Mr Griffin knowing it would advance his own career.
Nick Griffin is a Member of the European Parliament for the North-West region.
Despite MailOnline attempting to contact the British National Party, no one was available for comment today.
A separate call was made to Steve Squire but there was no response.


  1. "Ms Dalgleish claimed her boyfriend Steve Squire knew what was going on but urged her to spend time with Mr Griffin knowing it would advance his own career."

    It seems she is easily led is obvious someone is pulling her strings

  2. William Hague turns up in the most surprising places.

    The woman is a known liar; ironically she may be responsible for getting the BNP a few reps elected on the gla, due to her raising our profile again, no one believes her lies, it has backfired.

  3. its seem as though shes changed her name hot Hanna now then

  4. and again its changed Hanna of Hampshire now definitely something to hide

  5. Claudia Dalgleish

    Well I hope your right, because you know how I fell about dole scroungers. Bob, Gavin and
    Giuseppe were bad enough,and I really don't think I can pretend to be nice to Rustem for much longer hun xxx

    now shes slating the unemployed off

  6. shes changed her profile yet again she now know as
    HOT & HORNY TONIGHT shes always can have butler the sex pest